Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, but it is also a chance to decorate a home for romance. According Feng Shui philosophy our outer environment reflects our inner environment. If you are looking for romance this Valentine’s Day reflect your inner environment by enhancing your home with romantic floral decor. Valentine’s comes with a number of intriguing decorative possibilities to attract love and romance.

QUICK CHECK: Look at your home right now does it look ready for romance? Remember your home is an energy attractor, so draping your home in red ribbons and colorful fresh flowers can be beneficial to your.

 Here are some ways to decorate a home for romance:

Blank notes on bathroom mirror

1. Create a Romantic Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

Some couples love nothing more than Valentine’s Day at a fancy five-star restaurant, but others prefer a more intimate dining experience. If you fall into the latter category, why not create a suitably romantic holiday table?

A Valentine’s Day centerpiece is the perfect way to show off your creativity and individual style. You can start with a bowl full of fresh flowers in vibrant reds and soothing pinks, then add a pair of taper candles for a romantic candlelight dinner. No matter how you choose to decorate your Valentine’s Day table, it will be a memory you will not soon forget.

2. Get a Floral Picture Frame

If you are in a committed relationship, you probably have more than a few pictures of you and your significant other sharing a special moment. If you want to create an extra special Valentine’s Day memory, look for a silver picture frame that includes an integrated bud vase.

To top off your gift, place your favorite romantic photo inside the frame and accent it with a single red rose. Your spouse or partner will love it, and you will think of one another every time you see that special photo. In no time at all that special photo frame will become an integral part of your home décor.

3. Wrap Your Banister in Beautiful Flowers

If you enjoy winding a colorful garland around the staircase railing at Christmastime, why not do the same thing for Valentine’s Day? You can start with a homemade or store-bought red ribbon, then top it off with your favorite fresh flowers. As the big day gets closer, you can change out the flowers for a more festive look and create a romantic feeling inside your home.

You can extend the fun by hanging floral banners in the hallway, draping floral garlands from the doorways and hanging baskets of flowers from the windows. In no time at all, you will have transformed an ordinary home into a romantic escape.

4. Turn Your Bathroom Mirror into a Romantic Message Gallery

Writing romantic notes to your spouse is one of the best ways to keep the spark alive. You can turn your bathroom mirror into a romantic Valentine’s Day gallery with a few post-it notes and a couple of flowers.

Just write a love note, stick it to the mirror and attach a red rose or carnation. Your spouse is sure to love the attention, and the romantic gesture is one that can be repeated whenever you feel the urge.

These ideas can help you transform your home into a Valentine’s Day wonderland. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bring the romance back into your life or keep love alive, and the right decor is always a big help.

Originally created for The Society of American Florists

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