One of the great things about flowers is the meanings that they convey. When you give your loved one a camera or a TV, there are no hidden meanings involved. The gift is straightforward and easily understood with no additional meaning or explanation of your personality type. The same cannot be said of flowers. When you give your lover a bowl full of rich red roses, you are conveying your love and devotion. If you choose yellow roses instead, you personality type values friendship. That is just one example of how flowers reflect meaning and what they say about your personality type, and one reason why you need to understand the hidden language behind your favorite floral gift choices.

The flowers you give says a lot about you, but your favorite varieties can have their own hidden meanings. In many ways your favorite flower is a reflection of your unique taste and personality type.

The top 4 common varieties of flowers and what they convey about your personality type:

The Daisy

The daisy is a classic symbol of innocence and freedom. This special white and yellow flower is often picked wild and given by children, so it is easy to see how this association evolved.

About your personality type: If you favor the daisy above all other flowers, you place a high value on fun and freedom. You are happy to be alive, and you take each day as it comes. You may even love to pick wild daisies in the woods and bring them back to those you love.

The Carnation

The carnation is a mainstay of floral bouquets, and one of the most popular flowers in the world. In lovely shades of pinks, reds and whites, these special flowers are often seen as symbols of friendship and loyalty.

About your personality type: If your favorite flower is the carnation, you value loyalty in all your relationships. You want your friends to be loyal and honest with you, even if the truth sometimes hurts. You expect your significant other to be faithful, and you value that fidelity above all else.

The Iris

The iris is a favorite among artists and creative types. The iris just screams vitality and inspiration.

About your personality type: Your’re a free spirit in your life. If you are a fan of the iris, you hate the mundane and look for the new in everything you experience.


The hydrangea is considered the flower of gratefulness. The flowers have served as a representation of heartfelt feelings, whether of joy or sadness.

About your personality type: If hydrangeas are your favorite flowers you value wisdom and like to try new things. However, you like to take control your destiny with how you choose to respond to the winds of change in your life.

The flowers you love say a lot about you and your personality type. Unlike practical gifts, the flowers you choose to give are a reflection of your feelings and emotions. With so much emotion behind them, it is no wonder flowers are such enduringly popular gifts.

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