Materials Needed:

  • His and Hers glasses (your pick)
  • Mustache & Lip Stencil (Available in the bottom of post)
  • X-acto knife
  • Red and black acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Step 1:

With your X-acto knife cut out the mustache and lip stencil or as I like to call it the “LipStache” stencil.

Step 2:

On the “His” drinking glass  tape the mustache stencil.  Make sure the stencil is pressed tightly on the glass to prevent the paint from going under the stencil.

Step 3:

Squeeze out a dab of black paint onto a piece of paper or on anything you don’t mind getting paint on. Dip the tip of the paint brush into the black paint and start from the side of the mustache. TIP: Make sure to paint the pointy corners of the mustache before you paint the center of the mustache.

Step 4:

Repeat steps 2-4 for the wine glass. Make sure to hold the glass firmly, so the stencil does not move.  Once you are done, let the paint dry for about one hour.

Finally, select a floral bouquet from your local supermarket and make it your own. Take it apart match up the masculine colors for “His” and the more feminine colors for “Her” arrangements.

Taking the time to make store bought floral bouquets your own will not only save you money, but give you something personal and unique for your sweetie like a His and Hers bouquet. Hope you have the most romantic weekend this Valentines and please share with us your ” His and Hers ” V-Day arrangements on Twitter or Facebook 

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