Christmas and flowers just seem to go together, but many home decorators never go beyond the basics. While anyone can hang a sprig of mistletoe from the doorway or place a potted poinsettia on the mantle, the flowers and greenery of Christmas can do much more than that.

You can start by adorning the garland you already have with fresh flowers. Whether your garland consists of the genuine article or its store-bought equivalent, a few well-placed blooms will perk it up and bring new life to any room. If you love the look, you can extend the floral decorating theme to every room of the house.

You can give the tree itself the same treatment. Instead of the same old boring glass balls, this year try decorating your green Christmas tree with bright spring flowers. You will be reminded that warmer weather is indeed on its way, and that can brighten your mood and help you make it through the winter.

If your fireplace mantel already sports a pink or red poinsettia, try adding a bud vase with flowers of contrasting hues. A pastel blue flower will look wonderful on each side of the Christmas flower, and it will perk up the room for days to come. You can change out the blooms as they start to wilt and create a new look each time you make the change. Feel free to experiment with various colors and different types of flowers until you find the look you like the best.

You can even decorate your Christmas mistletoe with colorful flowers. Braid the end of the stem around the branches of mistletoe for a more colorful look. Your guests will not be able to resist a chance meeting underneath your new floral display.

The centerpiece is an integral part of any Christmas decorating scheme, and there are endless ways to incorporate flowers into your table display. You do not have to stick with the traditional red flowers and surrounding greenery. Adding a touch of color will brighten up your holiday table and make your guests feel right at home.

Feel free to dress up your holiday centerpiece with an assortment of fresh flowers. From colorful carnations to fragrant roses, just about any type of flower will look great on your Christmas table. You can even change out the display as the mood strikes you for an even more special look. Your everyday meals will never be the same.

When it comes time to wrap your presents, you can even incorporate flowers into that tradition. Instead of boring machine-made bows, adorn each of your gifts with a fresh flower. Your Christmas tree will look wonderful, and the people who receive your thoughtful gifts will appreciate your extra care and generosity.

Flowers are an integral part of the holiday season, and there are endless ways to incorporate the floral tradition into your Christmas displays. From dressing up a dull centerpiece to adorning a plain fireplace mantel, the right flowers can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. In no time at all, you can transform your home into a holiday wonderland, all with an assortment of fresh flowers.

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