Thanksgiving is a time when families gather, feasts are prepared, and we say our final goodbye to the growing season before winter covers the ground in a blanket of white.

There is something comforting about this autumn holiday as it provides time to pause and reflect on our surroundings and brings family and friends to the gathering table.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to make sure flowers are part of your celebration. This time of year offers a variety of textural blossoms in rich tones of golden yellow, velvety burgundy and deep oranges.

Colorful rustic fall or Thanksgiving decoration with apples, pumpkins and leaves, copy space

Sunflowers, roses, chrysanthemums, lilies and alstroemeria are widely available this time of year and range in almost every color of an autumn sunset.

Combining these harvest favorites in vintage or rustic containers with accents of bittersweet or rose hips make for interesting centerpieces perfectly fit for a traditional Thanksgiving table.

But what if your style and tastes take you in a different direction? 

Thanksgiving decoration with silk fall leaves on linen napkin, vertical. Thanksgiving greeting with fall decor. Fall centerpiece. Thanksgiving background. Copy space.

Your local professional florist offers a wide range of ideas and choices allowing you to select just the right combination of flowers and accessories that express your personal style and home decor.

Consider combing tropical blossoms and orchids with more traditional blooms like gerbera or carnations for an elegant look. Play with color and select tints, tones and shades that accent your homes décor.

Don’t worry if that means your centerpiece is created in tones of pinks or purples, the more personalized the better. Professionally designed flowers in any color palette are always a welcomed guest at the Thanksgiving table.

Autumn maple leaves with Pumpkin and red berries on old wooden backgound. Thanksgiving day concept.

Any time you entertain is an opportunity to express yourself and show your guests how important they are to you. Combining your favorite flowers, personalized colors and interesting accents, be they traditional Thanksgiving themed or something a bit more customized, is always in vogue.

Plan a trip to see your local florist and ask their design team to create something unique and special just for you this Thanksgiving season. While you’re there, why not surprise a friend by ordering a customized centerpiece for them as well.

Originally created for The Society of American Florists

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