Valentine’s Day is a day of romance, but really how romantic is it to wait forty five minutes for a table in a crowded and noisy restaurant. Truth be told it is not the most romantic setting for couples to celebrate their love. A picnic in the other hand is a perfect solution for those that want a more romantic setting with lots of thought behind it.  If you are in warmer location a picnic outdoors in a park, beach, or even your backyard would make a perfect setting. Now I haven’t forgotten about those places that are to cold.  Try and select a place in your home that is warm and cozy; in-front of a fire place, center of the living room, or even an attic or basement can make a perfect place to set your romantic picnic.

No matter where you decide to create your romantic picnic all you need is here.

Picnic Checklist:

Picnic Food

  • Sandwiches

Yes, sandwiches are a great choice for your romantic picnic. There are so many choices, pick your sweetie favorite that will show  them how much you really know about them. Cut each sandwich like the shape of a heart with a heart shaped cookie cutter.  Easy to do & eat!

  • Sides

Do not kill yourself over picking sides, just get your sweeties favorite fruit or just get grapes,  you can feed them to each other. Another idea is get snack size bags of chips,  that way you have several different flavors to pick from.

  • Drinks

This is a no brainer, pack water bottles or juices and an adult beverage of your choosing. However, not all places allow those types of beverages, so double check first before adding it to your picnic basket.

  • Condiments

I know your wondering “why are condiments on this list.” Well the reason this  is on the list is because I wanted to give you a tip: don’t add the condiments to the sandwich until you ready to eat them because their is nothing less romantic then a sandwich with soggy bread.

Picnic  Essentials

  • Ice pack

One of the best mobile inventions ever, the ice pack. Make sure to add one to your picnic basket, it will prevent your food from spoiling and keep you drinks cool.

  • Tableware

I think this one is self explanatory.

  • Cutting knife

Plastic knives won’t cut it, literally. A good cutting knife can help you cut food or open a bottle if needed.

  • Trash bag

You don’t want all your stinky trash in a your picnic basket and mother nature does not want it on her floor, so prepare yourself with a trash bag for quick pick up.

  • Moist towelettes

This one is a must because yo might not be near a bathroom to wash your hands and you really don’t want your hands to smell like food when your holding each other.

Picnic Decor

  • Blanket

No picnic is complete without a blanket. Pick one that is thick, but not to big so you can be close to your sweetie.

  • Gift

Incorporate your gift into the picnic decor. Why not bring your sweetie’s favorite book and inside of it put a floral bookmark made by you. Then read to them a passage from the book there is nothing more romantic.

  • Flowers

There is nothing else in this world that can instantly change the ordinary to extraordinary. Flowers make people smile, feel loved and appreciated all wrapped up in one  bouquet flowers. My favorite flowers for picnics are Pura Vida available at Publix Supermarkets, the bright colors enhance the intense colors of the food.

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