Bill Schaffer AIFD, AAF, PFCI and Kristine AIFD, PFCI


Every year, as winter ends and spring begins to bloom, new trends embark on a 2-year migration into our fashion and home environments. The trends begin their journey as ripples within our culture. Culture has a huge impact on what we wear, what we watch, what we listen to, and what we feel from social and technological influences. From Hollywood award show-glamour to desert concerts to cutting edge European design we begin to glimpse what will influence our decor path for an almost 2-year cycle.

The largest trade fair of its kind in the world, Milan Design Week is an event that showcases the world’s newest design innovations in furniture, lighting, and home decor and act as a barometer for current and future interior trends that will directly affect the consumer’s awareness of packaging and color when making floral purchases. The red-carpet awards shows give celebrities the chance to share their style influence through fashion as well as share their influence on social issues. Mega-festivals like Coachella and SWSX are not only music festivals but are also a window into film, interactive media, sound and style. Not to mention the latest in casual-chic fashion. These events have evolved into visionary experiences that transcend popular convention and allow the event go-er to be a risk-taker and take advantage of experimental styles. The attendees aren’t just our modern-day consumers, they are our social media Influencers that spread these changes around the globe.


With this whirlwind of style happenings around the planet, how do we sort through it? It all begins with culture and observing people. In today’s fast paced world, we must have our eye on the consumer in order to stay ahead and drive innovation. We look for moments, movements and shifts in social events that give a level of emotional connection with people, A.K.A. consumers. We do this by studying cultural trends and connecting them to product inspiration.

Before we can source colors and pick out the next trend-worthy pillows and sneakers, we need to see the big picture of what people are being motivated by. Consumers are influenced by how life around them is making them feel. Emotion is a huge part of culture. When we are happy we feel bold and daring and ready for something different. When we are worried and stressed we retreat to what feels comforting and safe.


So now that we have spent a good part of our Spring studying culture, what is on the horizon for Fall and Winter 2019/20? Subtle changes and shifts in color are happening. New neutrals are coming forward. Colors that have been accents will become stronger and more focal. Colors are getting deeper and richer, but are accentuated with bold brights in a nod to technology. Decor items follow suit. They are combining organic materials, functional shapes and futuristic textures.

With a Macro Culture shift back to all-natural or mostly natural and transparent floral bouquets, it becomes a more challenging design direction to combine the colors you want with what is available naturally. Without color-enhancing your flowers: one way to continually stay on top of the trends that are on the forefront of consumer awareness is through updated packaging. Fall/Winter 19/20 will see distressed oxidization to playful, unexpected stripe and block saturations through marbleized painterly dye effects and bold zen garden corrugation to Concrete Flora, Faded Blossoms, Hologramic, and Aquarelle Flora patterns.

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