It’s not just adult consumers shaping the trends of today, but children as well. Kids are as every bit impacted by advertisements, the internet and friends as their parents are. Adults often acquiesce to their children’s demands when shopping, and kids are very aware of products they desire and where to purchase them.

We are currently in a time when the “green” trend is in full focus and is primed to capture the attention of kids as the future consumers of flowers and plants. The reason lies in the benefits, which include; a healthy development of curiosity, creativity and a stronger bond to our surrounding environment. According to scientific study, kids that play with flowers grow up to have a stronger nurturing tendency towards both nature and human beings.

The farm to table movement has been introducing kids to nature and helping them to understand where their veggies come from. They already have an awareness of ecosystems, clean air and environment and how their footprint is effecting the planet.

The latest trend in indoor gardening is geared toward kids. Plant kits, child-sized gardening tools, bright and whimsical containers all scream ‘fun and playful’. We’ve even seen white painted succulent plants that come with colorful water-based paints to let kids create their own artistic color enhancement.

Accessories to create ‘Fairy Gardens’ have become a sought after item at craft stores, and even kids herb gardens are a trendy way to get kids to grow edibles.

Helping to educate these new budding gardeners, stores are offering short workshops that allows parents to browse while their kids begin to learn about plants and flowers. Having events where parents and kids interact can open a door to a new generation of people who love our industry.

According to market research, more than a quarter of parents learn about a new product as a request from their child. Child demands product. Parent learns about a product through their child. Households then begin using these products. The child ideally grows up to encourage his or her own household to use these product; at least until their own kids start making requests, and then it all goes around again.

Children learning what it takes to handle plants and flowers help them to gain good work habits and a sense of responsibility, along with an understanding how flowers and plants grow and how they effect our daily lives.

Originally published in the March 2018 Issue of Super Floral Magazine

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