The holiday season is a time for friends and family, but it is also the perfect time for a party. Whether you are hosting a few friends or the entire office, you want to make your home look as festive as possible.

That means decking the halls with strands of garland, making sure the Christmas tree is just so, arranging the packages in the most attractive manner and choosing a holiday centerpiece that reflects your taste and style. It also means adorning your home with fresh flowers. In fact, the right floral elements can transform your holiday home from dull and boring to stunning and elegant.

Beyond the Basics

Decorating your home with flowers does not mean just placing a few potted poinsettias around the house. Anyone can do that, and you want your home to stand out when the party guests arrive. If you want to create an elegant holiday party atmosphere, you need to go beyond the basics.

There are countless ways to incorporate elegant floral design into your holiday home. If you have wall sconces in your living room, try wrapping a fresh flower stem around the existing light and topping it with a fresh blossom. You will create a charming look your guests are sure to love, all for the cost of a few fresh flowers.

If you will be serving drinks and hors d’oeuvre from a silver tray, try adding a bud vase to the display. The extra color will dress up the tray and invite your guests to enjoy their favorite holiday food and beverages.

If your guests will be joining you at the dining room table, take the time to create a holiday centerpiece worthy of the occasion. Anyone can stick a basket of fresh flowers on the table and call it a centerpiece, but that is not enough to create an elegant atmosphere. Look for new ideas and new ways to welcome your guests to the table, from filling a cornucopia basket with fresh fruit and adorning it with flowers to creating a centerpiece complete with pillar candle and bud vase.

Before your guests arrive, take a few minutes to dress up your Christmas tree and holiday décor with fresh flowers. Weave fresh flowers through your holiday garland, top the tree with fresh flowers and dress up your boring holiday bulbs with a floral display. The result will be an elegant home worthy of your guests.

When the evening is over, you can even give each of your guests a bloom or two to take home. Your guests are sure to appreciate that extra touch, and they will remember your generosity long after the holidays are over.

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