The carnations just may be the most popular flower in the world, and this timeless symbol of love and affection has been grown and cultivated for many centuries. A bouquet of roses is the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day, but is the high cost worth it. Carnations are less in cost, but not in beauty.

The carnation has been overlooked for sometime, but it is the most versatile flower. You can give carnations to your wife, girlfriend, mother, partner, friend, coworker, or whom ever you give flowers too. However, it is important to understand the hidden meaning of carnations and what the various colors convey.

If you do not know how to speak the secret language of carnation, you could get caught flat footed when Valentine’s Day rolls around. If you choose the wrong colors, you could be telling your fiancé that  you want to just be friends, or your work colleague that you are her secret admirer, oh no!

Let us start our exploration of colors and their meanings with the classic red carnation.

Red Carnations

You may already know that the red carnation is a symbol of love, and that it is used to express devotion, romance and affection. If you are looking for a way to express your undying love, you cannot go wrong with a basket full of deep red carnations.

Postcard may 9 – red carnations Ribbon George Old photos on a wooden background. Symbol of victory in the great Patriotic war.

Pink Carnations

The pink carnation has a similar, but slightly different meaning. Pink roses are most often associated with admiration and devotion. As such, they are often given by secret admirers. If you have been watching the girl of your dreams from afar, sending her a bouquet with carnations that would be a lovely gesture. Aside from being a symbol of admiration, these flowers best describe a mother’s pure love of her children. Pink carnations are also a great gift for mother’s on Valentine’s Day, since she is the first woman you love.

 White Roses

You may have seen a bouquet of white flowers adorning the gift table at a friend’s wedding, or a spray of white carnations at the church. That is very fitting, since white carnations symbolize innocence and new beginnings. If you and your bride are still newlyweds, mixing a few white carnations  in with the red ones would be a lovely touch. Or if you and your girlfriend are just starting out this could show her how optimistic you are about your future together.

Variety of white roses in beautiful bouquet

Yellow Carnations 

Be careful, not every color of a carnation means something positive. The yellow carnations symbolizes rejection and disappointment of someone that has failed you in some way. If you are in a situation where you are planning to end a relationship, but since it is close to Valentine’s Day , sending them yellow carnations might send the message for you if they speak the language of flowers.

Chiinese Carnation in Yellow Surface Orange Surface

Purple Carnations

Purple carnations is the best hue to give a friend that you find unpredictable, impulsive, or witty. However if you do not have a friend that is like that, purple carnations can also be given to apologize to someone. A bouquet of  flowers with purple carnations can indicate that you’ve had a change of heart and are ready to patch up your differences. Valentine’s Day is a day to spread the love, especially to those people that we have wronged or have wronged us.

Background of purple carnations.

I hope this  convinces you that carnations are the perfect flowers to give a person you love during Valentine’s Day. Knowing the meanings behind the colors of these flowers makes the gift even more special. Understanding the secret language of flowers will also help you avoid an uncomfortable mistake the next time this most special day comes around.

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