Sometimes only flowers make the perfect gift for someone in your life has just bought a house, a big basket of fresh flowers makes the perfect housewarming present. If your best friend and her spouse just welcomed a new baby into their lives, a bouquet of flowers in subtle shades of pink and blue is the perfect thing to give. If you are attending a holiday party, arriving with a centerpiece of fresh flowers is sure to make you their favorite guest. All those are great ideas for floral gifts, but you can also incorporate fresh flowers into other gifts you give.

Here are some great ideas for adding a floral element to all the presents you give using supermarket flowers:

Beautiful gifts with flowers and decorative rope, on old wooden background
Dress Up That Plain Old Gift Bag or wrapped gift

Gift bags have become increasingly popular for birthday and holiday presents. Unlike wrapping paper, gift bags are easy to open and close, and they are completely reusable. Unfortunately, gift bags can also look pretty generic in the gift table.

If you want to dress up that boring gift bag and make your present standout, just wrap a flower stem around each of the handles. The flower will bring new color and beauty to your gift, and the fresh scent will waft through the room.

Create a Personalized Gift for Your Loved Ones

Giving a personalized gift is the perfect way to show how much you care. A crystal bud vase engraved with the name of the recipient is the perfect gift for virtually any occasion. If you want to personalize the gift even further, you can incorporate a bouquet with that persons birth flower and make the bud vase even more beautiful. Supermarket flowers have bunches with the same flower type and good quality.

Give a Unique Gift with a Floral Treasure Hunt

If you want to give your spouse something special this year, consider setting up a floral-based scavenger hunt. Just pick up a pack of note cards, write out some cryptic clues and attach a fresh flower to each one. Then hide them around the house for a fun scavenger hunt.

Your spouse will have endless fun trying to figure out the clues and find their special present.. You can even start a new tradition with an annual Valentine’s Day or Christmas scavenger hunt.

There is just something fun about giving flowers. A floral gift might make the recipient feel better, but it makes the giver feel better as well. Incorporating floral elements into every gift you give will make every occasion more special and memorable. Whether you are creating the perfect graduation gift for your cousin or the world’s best Valentine’s Day present for your spouse, adding a special floral element is a great way to show how much you care.

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